How to Remove Pet Hairs From Clothes

Now days every one love to keep their furry pets at home, but no one likes to be covered with their fur, which is sometimes very irritating, especially for your guest who might be allergic to it. There are several ways to remove fur from your clothes, but the right technique should be known. No doubt people prefer their pets resting on the same furniture as they are and in the same comfort zone, but the fur left behind on the fabric is the problem which needs a solution. The fur is not only present on your clothes, but on your furniture as well as car seats. The best ways to remove fur from the clothes are mentioned below:


  • 1

    The first thing which you should make a habit is to brush your pet daily so that the excessive hairs are removed.

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    If you can afford a vacuum, which is especially designed for animal fur then buy that it will make your life mush easy and you can conveniently remove the fur from a huge area. You will find different attachments with the vacuum, which will help sucking fur in all possible manners.

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    If you are not able to afford a vacuum then the other perfect solution is to wash your clothes, with a good quality detergent and dry them. Soap will help in removing the animal fur from your fabric.

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    If the fur is attached to a small area and you do not wish to wash the clothes then duck tap can be a terrific solution to your problem. Wrap the duck tap around your hand make sure the sticky part is towards the outside and pat the taped hand over the cloth. When the tape is filled with hair change it and repeat the procedure until the fur is removed.

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