How to Clean a Scratched Disc at Home

Laser discs even with all their advantages like ease of entry, the amount of stored information, portability etc. have a huge drawback  in that they can be scratched very easily, and the information on the disc can be lost forever.

A Compact Disc (CD) requires special attention. It cannot be touched with the fingers and can catch scratches should you leave it on the table without its packaging. Scratches on the compact disc should be an alarm signal for the user. Even if the CD is running at that time, there is a huge probability that it won’t next time.

But what to do in case it contains some important information?

One way is to copy all the data on your CD into your computer or laptop’s hard drive. You can also try to repair a damaged disk in several ways at home.

Things Required:

– Special cleaning fluid
– Tooth paste
– Soap
– Tissue
– Lint-free cloth


  • 1

    Before you attempt to copy a scratched disc, make sure the surface of the disc is not dusty. Clean the disc with a soft and clean cloth, or a tissue, even if disc appears clean at first glance. Try cleaning the disk, from centre to the edges, with gentle hands.

  • 2

    You can also buy a special cleaning fluid. You can find it in a store which sells computer and multimedia equipment. Choose a cleaning liquid made by the well-known manufacturers. This cleaning liquid can remove all the scratches if applied according to the manufacturers' instructions.

  • 3

    Wash the disc with warm water and soap. Then wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth, very softly. Make sure that the surface of the disk is free from small particles that can scratch it further.

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    The use of toothpaste is the best and most effective method of cleaning a scratched disc at home. Gently apply tooth paste on the surface of the disc and rub it. Rinse the disc under hot tap water once you feel that the paste is drying up.

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