How to Get Rid Of Carpet Moths

Just lost your favorite fancy carpet to those horrible monstrous carpet moths? Moths love to infest carpets and bombard them with their eggs. It is pretty strange how these moths seem to know exactly your favorite rug and attack it ferociously, reducing it to threads in no time. Moths are expensive. Not only do they feed on the carpets it took you a fortune to buy, driving them away takes away a lot of energy and money. Here are some home tips for saving home from the wrath of moths.


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    Adequate Lighting and Air:

    Moths love the dark. Dark corners are breeding grounds for these beasts. Stop giving them this treat. Open the curtains during the day. Let the fresh air circulate. This will create settling down problems for the moths.

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    Shake them hard:

    Take the carpets and rugs out. This will require a lot of energy and movement and you might have to call your neighbor over for help but will eventually give you well deserved satisfaction. Place them on the fence or wall and then beat them hard with a broom or thick stick. If possible try to repeat the step on the back of the carpet for sure results. Not only will the adults escape to safety, the eggs will also drop out, leaving you happier and much pleased with your efforts.

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    Keep the Carpets clean:

    Moths love dirty fabrics. Clean up anything that you spill on the carpet and mop it away as soon as possible. Do not let the carpet remain wet for a long time.

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    Vacuum hard:

    Vacuum hard. Give the edges and corners special attention. Look for closed closets which may be harboring moths and their eggs. Vacuum them clean so that you cut off the supplies. Try to vacuum under the carpet too, as far as you can go. Use the crevice tool on the vacuum to drag out eggs from the insides of the carpet. Once you vacuum, dump the dirt away from the home so that you don’t have a moth army breeding inside the vacuum itself.

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    Replace old:

    A very drastic measure but since you will have to change carpets anyways because of the infestation, take this expensive decision. Replace your old carpets and rugs with new ones. Try using man-made fibers and less of wool. This will reduce the chances of moths heading your way again.

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    Pest spray:

    There are two options for pest sprays. Either do it yourself or call in experts from pest control companies. If you are doing it yourself, cover your face with a mask and keep the pets and children out of the house. Pest control companies are expensive and charge on per room basis. However, most guarantee services in case of any re-infestation. This method might require you to move out of the house for a few days.

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