How to Repair and Clean Gutters

A rain gutter is a narrow channel or a trough that forms the component of a roof system. its main function is to collect water and in turn, direct it away from the roof. Water, if accumulated on a place, can cause several problems to the persons living near the place. It provides a media to the disease causing agents and hence gutters are necessary for a system. A gutter, with the passage of time, might get blocked and dirty, due to the accumulation of various things. The main things that are responsible for causing this blockage are leaves. They get stuck in the entity and hence cause hindrance in the transport of water.


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    The steps for maintaining a gutter for you are very simple and here is the first step of the simple task. Gutters can be cleaned by first climbing on to ladder and cleaning the goop of them. Leaves are a usual cause of clogging in the entities and they must be carefully removed from the gutters.

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    The next step in line is to check that the spikes that are supposed to go through the gutter. Some houses have trouble as the spikes miss the rafters completely with the passage of time. Even new gutter spikes may be purchased and can be used to replace the former ones as this can serve as a vital investment, only if your pocket allows.

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    Now you have to check all the leaks. Leaks are main causes of blocking in these. Also we will have to look in at the caulking that might have appeared with time. A chisel is best suited for the task of scrapping the old caulking from the gutter and then the area must also be dried for better results.

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    Now seal the area of the gutter using silicon. This will help in the water not being able to seep down to the roots of the board.

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    The next step involves the checking of rivets on the downspout. The best practice is to screw and tighten all the loose rivets with a screw driver.

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    As the mechanics have been completed, now we have to clean the gutter. A pressure washer is best suited for the purpose.

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    The usage of a splash block is the next step. This is important as it stops the water from coming out. Hence now after all these minor headaches, your gutter is completely maintained and cleaned as all the leaves and other blocking factors have been removed from the system and the rivets have now gone on to their true places.

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