How to Clean a Range Hood Filter

A range hood filter is fixed exactly on the top of the stove in the kitchen and lets the excess grease and smoke out that is produced during cooking. There are two types of range hood filters. Either the range hood takes the smoke out through a duct or there are charcoal filters that simply distribute the smoke after filtering it. You may easily clean the range hood filters with ducts but you cannot clean the charcoal filters. The only way to get the charcoal filters cleaned is to replace them.

Described in this article are two methods that will allow you to clean your range hood filter.

Things Required:

– Dish-washing detergent
– Sponge or wire brush
– Gas Oven
– Large Pan
– Vinegar
– Screw Driver
– Hot water


  • 1

    Method 1:

    Firstly separate the filter from its stand by using a screw driver.

    Next place the filter in a pan large enough so that it easily fits and is not hanging out from any side.

    Now place this pan into the oven and heat it to as low as 250 degrees F. The more there is grease on the filter the more time it will require to stay in the oven to melt.  Also, at this temperature not only the grease will melt but it will not let the grease catch fire.

    To be on the safer side this requires extra care and therefore it is recommended to check the filter from time to time to see if the grease catches fire.

    Once the grease melts out, take the pan out from the oven.

    Next add some detergent in the dishwasher, put the filter into it and run it through the entire process for once.

    Let the filter dry and then screw it back on its stand.

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    Method 2:

    In a large pan add vinegar, dish washing detergent and hot water stir into a solution. Make sure that the amount of solution is enough and lets the filter get completely soaked in it.

    Now remove the filter from its stand, use a screw driver for this. Put it in the pan and let it soak for 20 minutes or until the grease is removed.

    Next with the help of a sponge or wire brush, clean the filter thoroughly from the place where there is a heavy buildup.

    Once it is cleaned, leave it to dry and then put it back on its place.

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