How to Tidy Up Your Home

If you are a person who likes having people over for simple get-togethers, parties, or dinners, you need to keep your house tidy. This will also allow you to have a soothing environment all the time, and make your living experience much better. This however is easier said than done. The most important thing in this regard is to shirk your laziness and develop a habit to cater for all the mess, be it in the form of clothes, dishes or household cleaning, promptly.

Things Required:

– Glass cleaner
– Sponge
– Lint-free cloth
– All-purpose cleaner
– Furniture polish
– Vacuum
– Dry dust mop
– Carpet sweeper


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    Get started

    You need to decide what kind of cleaning you require and how much time you have for cleaning. In case you have other people living in the house, you should assign them tasks as well. Always remember to clean a little bit everyday instead of piling up the tasks and cleaning for only a few times in a month.

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    Clean glass

    Get a glass cleaner and use it to clean the glass including windows and mirrors of your house. First you need to wash your glass with a solution of dish soap and warm water. Use a rag, sponge or squeegee to apply this. Then wipe the surface with a dry lint-free cloth or a lint-free paper towel. Instead of cleaning solution, you can use vinegar and water in order to be environmentally friendly.

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    Polish furniture

    Buy a furniture polish and apply it on the surface of your furniture twice in a month. Before buying, you need to read the labels and get the one which meets your specifications.

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    Outdoor cleaning

    You need to accomplish your outdoor tasks in order to create a better living environment. Rake the leaves regularly to clean your yard and make it look better. You should also clean your garage and remove dirt from your passage and doorways.

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    Clean the floor

    Clean the floor of your house on a daily basis.  In case you have carpet, you can use a carpet sweeper or a vaccum cleaner. For all other types of floors, you can use a dry mop, and then apply a wet mop after that.

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