How to Clean Your Clothes Dryer

Clothes dryers are among the most important home appliances; they have to be used just about every second day. Keeping in view, dryers’ frequent use, it is common that they encounter multiple technical errors and glitches. However, if you clean your dryer on a regular basis, you can avoid a lot of problems and prolong its life.

The basic requirement in prolonging the life of your dryer is that you carefully read the instructions mentioned in the booklet/manual. In order to clean the dryer thoroughly, you will have to do more than just taking care of the exterior.

Things Required:

– Clean cloth
– Washing soap
– Vacuum
– Bucket/tub for water


  • 1

    Clean the exterior

    Start with the dryer exterior as it is the easiest part. You can use a simple cleaning cloth and any dish soap to wipe the dirt off the exterior. Mostly, the exterior of the dryers is made from enamel, which makes it easy for you to rub dirt off the surface without any effort.

    In order to avoid making a mess of the exterior (remember it is made from enamel), do not use abrasive cleaners.

    Do not keep out the dryer in the open too often as the sunlight also causes the exterior to lose its texture and shine.

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    Clean Lint filter

    Fill a tub or bucket with hot water. Make sure the tub or bucket should be big enough to allow the lint screen to submerge so that you can rinse it without any trouble.

    In order to clean the lint screen or trap thoroughly, add some soap and mix well. If there are any loose lint on the lint trap, remove them with your hand. If it is hard to wipe off the lint with hands, you can use vacuum. After you have rinsed the screen, you can use clean water to clear the soapy material and allow it to dry in the open air.

    Lint filter should be cleaned on a regular basis. Each time you use the dryer, clean the filter. Remember that lint filter is one of the few things in your dryer which can cost you dearly (in the form of high energy bills) if you do not clean them on a regular basis. Beware that built up dryer lint is also the biggest fire hazard in your clothing machine.

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    Wipe down the interior

    Interior is very important and it has to be cleaned on a regular basis,  if you want the dryer to work longer without any trouble. You can use water and vinegar to clean the inner surface and all its parts.

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