How to Clean Your Pillow Pet

They come in an amazing variety of colours, shapes and characters and are absolutely adorable. Pillows pets are our companion in bed. Soft, squishy and warm, these pets do not have to fed or taken out for a walk. They are happy lying there on by our bed, waiting for you to join them. They do however, ask for a cleaning now and then because they attract a lot of dirt. You have to take utmost care while cleaning your pillow pet because they can get out of shape when the fibres stretch loose and get ruined. You obviously do not want that because they are expensive and many of us develop an emotional attachment with them. So next time you reach out to clean that cake or coke remains from their surface, have a look at our step by step guide before that.


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    Place it in a white pillow case:

    Find a white pillow case from the house, big enough to hold the pet. Place your pillow pet inside it. Zip it if there is an option or tie a good knot. You can also tie it using a hair band. Always choose a white pillow case so that there is no transfer of dyes during the washing. Placing the pet inside the pillow cover protects its fibres from pulling out in the washing machine. This increases the life of your pet.

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    Place in washing machine:

    Turn your washing machine settings to cold water. Put in the pillow case and wash on gentle cycle. The gentle cycle makes sure that your pet is not stretched out. Check for the stains. You can re-run another session if not satisfied.

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    Do not use the dryer to dry your pet. It will wring out the fibres and distort the pet. Take out the pet and place it on a drying stand or rack that allows the water to easily drain out. Flip over regularly to dry on all sides.

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    Small spots:

    If there are just tiny spots and smudges that do not require going to  the length of a regular bath, you can clean the pet on those specific locations. Just dip a towel into soap water and rub on the dirty area. Once the stain disappears, dip a dry corner of the towel in clean water and again rub the spots so that it is kind of rinsed.

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