How to Keep Air Clean at Home

It is very important to keep the air inside your home clean and fresh especially if you have kids that suffer from allergies or are sensitive to other pollutants. There are many different methods that you can use to achieve that aim.

Things Required:

– Air Purifier
– Air Filter
– Plants
– Vacuum Cleaner


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    Thoroughly clean your home:

    It is very important to thoroughly clean the entire home on a regular basis. Make sure to remove all the dust and fine debris that can often settle on the floors or furniture. It is this dust and other particulates that can cause allergies and other respiratory irritations. Use a high powered vacuum while cleaning your carpets and floors.

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    Install Air Purifier:

    Buy a new powerful air purifier that is capable of cleaning the air of the entire house on a daily basis. Make sure the air purifier is easy to install and maintain. You do not want to change filters all day long, so make sure that the air purifier uses activated charcoal filtration. Check that your air purifier uses High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. Your air purifier should have a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of more than 250 to ensure that it is strong enough to clean all the air in your house.

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    Use plants:

    Try to use different plants throughout your home to help clean the air. Snake plants, ivy, spider plants and ferns are great for cleaning the air inside the home. Make sure to place enough plants around the home so that the air stays clean and fresh all day long.

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    Reduce chemicals:

    Most people use a lot of chemicals inside the house like polishes, cleaners and fresheners. These can have a very negative effect on the air quality throughout the house. It is a good idea to reduce the amount of chemical usage inside the house; these chores can be done outdoors.

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    Clean pet areas:

    Always remember to clean the area that your pets might use in the house. There is always a good chance that your pets shed their hair on the sofas and carpets etc which can act as irritants. You should use a high powered vacuum cleaner to keep these areas free from dander.

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