Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can add a great deal of character and style to your home. This flooring option is also popular as it is less susceptible to staining and damage than carpeting. Although hardwood flooring is low maintenance in that sense, it is unique and in that spirit must be treated and cleaned in a specific way. Such cleaning allows the flooring to look at its best for as long as it lasts.

Things Required:

– a soft cloth mop
– a broom or a floor vacuum
– a bucket
– distilled white vinegar
– warm water


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    Clean Up

    The first thing you must do is thoroughly sweep or vacuum the hardwood floor to remove all dirt and debris, because leaving any major dust and dirt can damage the floor. Be sure to take your time while cleaning the floor. Also, make sure that you thoroughly clean all the corners of the floor to get out most of the dirt and grime.

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    Prepare The Solution

    In your bucket, mix vinegar and warm water, adhering to the 1:16 ratio (vinegar to water). This mild solution is both natural and effective in cleaning wood flooring without damaging it. Take your time while preparing the actual solution. You do not want to rush the cleaning process.

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    Mop Away

    Dip the entire mop into the bucket and wring it thoroughly. The less wet the mop actually is while remaining damp, the better. Over time, excessive liquid or wetness on hardwood flooring causes more harm than good. Using this tip, mop the entire floor surface. Use firm strokes while using the mop on the floor. Make sure to not use too much solution on the mop as you do not want to soak the entire floor. Remember to take your time while mopping the floor and ensure that you cover the entire area properly.

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    Wipe It Down

    Use a soft dry cloth to wipe the surface one last time. This will produce a clean and shiny surface. Relax and take your time as you wipe away the surface. The fruits of your labour will now be seen as your floor will be nice and clean.

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