How to Clean a Muzzleloader With Windshield Washer Fluid

There are numerous ways in which you can clean a muzzleloader by removing leftover residue each time the muzzleloader is shot. This residue accumulates in the muzzleloader over the passage of time and has to be removed when it becomes too heavy. Using windshield washer fluid to clean a muzzleloader is one of the best options if you feel like your muzzleloader needs cleaning. However, you will have to bear in mind that no matter what method you use, the task will be somewhat hectic.

Things Required:

– Muzzleloader
– Screwdriver
– Nipple wrench
– Windshield washer fluid
– Ramrod


  • 1

    To clean the muzzleloader’s bore, you will have to half fill a bathtub with hot water. Add an appropriate quantity of windshield washer fluid in the tub until the resulting mixture becomes moderately sudsy. Use this mixture to clean the bore of the muzzleloader.

  • 2

    Punch out the brass stock wedges with a screwdriver and then separate the muzzleloader’s barrel from the stock. Detach the barrel by lifting it off the stock assembly.

  • 3

    Use a nipple wrench to remove the nipple. Make sure that you place the nipple at a safe place because you may easily loose it due to it miniature size.

  • 4

    Dip the barrel hot water and windshield washer fluid mixture that you prepared earlier. Wait until the barrel has been completely filled with the cleaning mixture.

  • 5

    Insert the ramrod in the open end of the muzzle. Plunge the ramrod up and down the barrel numerous times. You will see sludge discharging from the nipple’s original location. The sludgy material is in fact the black powder residue oozing out of the muzzleloader as you plunge the ramrod.

  • 6

    Continue to plunge until you see no more sludge being discharged from the barrel. At this point, remove the ramrod from the muzzleloader, set it aside and drain the cleaning mixture from the bathtub.

  • 7

    A few suds may still be remaining in the barrel. To remove them, simply fill the bathtub with hot water once again but do not add windshield washer fluid this time. Immerse the barrel in the hot water tub and plunge the ramrod up and down its entire length as before.

  • 8

    With the muzzle end of the barrel pointed towards the ground, stand the barrel against a wall to drain all the water. Leave the barrel in open air for approximately 30 minutes. To prevent metal corrosion, apply gun oil in and around the muzzleloader.

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