How to Clean Tomato Sauce Stains

Tomato sauce is an essential ingredient for many dishes. When these dishes fell on your clothes or carpet while eating, it leaves an orange stain. In addition to this, when you are having a party, someone drop their plates of sauce or spaghettis on carpet floor.

Stains of tomato sauce are difficult to remove. There is a traditional method of removing tomato sauce stain. Sprinkle carefully talcum powder on the tomato sauce stain. Leave it for almost an hour so it can absorb oils and stain. After the powder has been left for an hour, brush it off.

However, following is a proper method of getting rid of tomato sauce stain from Acrylic Fabric, Nylon, Polyester and Spandex.


  • 1

    Blot the stain

    There is no need to panic after watching the stain. Don’t run towards and start rubbing it off as it will make it worse.

  • 2

    Run stain under running water

    Next you should run the stain under running water. Remember that water should hit back of the stain so it could push it out from the passage it went in.

  • 3

    Rub liquid detergent

    You need to rub liquid detergent on the tomato sauce stain. Remember to carefully spill the detergent on to the stain so it could be more effective.

  • 4

    Sponge the stain

    Sponge the tomato sauce stain preferably with cool water. You need to start from the centre and move outwards after dampening the sponge and rubbing the stain.

  • 5

    Apply Lemon

    Next you need to rub the place with a slice of lemon. You can also sponge the tomato sauce stain with a lemon juice.

    Remember if your fabric is white then it is advised to use hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar. This is to avoid lemon stains which can be evident on white colour fabrics.

  • 6

    Wash out the stain

    Add stain remover on the tomato sauce spot and then apply water. You need to blot away all of the liquid which is possible.

  • 7

    Leave fabric to dry

    After flushing the stain, leave the fabric to air dry.

    In case the stain is still there, soak your fabric into the mixture of

    -  1 quart warm water

    -  1/2 teaspoon dishwashing detergent

    -  1 tablespoon white vinegar

    Leave the fabric in this solution for 15 minutes.

  • 8

    Rinse with water

    Next you need to rinse the fabric with water.

  • 9


    In the end, wash the whole fabric. You will get a stain free fabric.

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