How to Get Rid of Wax on Carpet

It is a pleasant evening and you are trying to relax yourself by creating a soothing atmosphere. In doing so, you have switched off all the lights and have scented candles all around thus adding more to the peaceful setting. While you are all set for a romantic dream, something terrible wakes you up. The scented candles have melted and have stained your carpet all over. You may possibly feel that perhaps your carpet has been ruined and needs to be replaced or discarded. However, these stains can be removed without much effort. You will be surprised to know that it is not too difficult to get rid of Wax on carpet.


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    Before you try to remove the wax stain, it is suggested that you wait untill it completely dries as it will then be easier to remove. The dried wax forms a collected solid mass that can be conveniently scrapped.

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    Now, take a dull-edged instrument such as a butter knife and scoop up the wax on the carpet as much hard as you can.

    Note: Make sure you do not use a sharp edged instrument like a blade or regular knife, as it will damage the carpet fiber.

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    Turn on your vacuum cleaner, remove the scraped out wax from the carpet. Make sure that the wax is not rubbed while removing it.

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    In order to remove any stubborn stains, place a piece of dry cloth on the top of the affected area and run heated iron over it. This will make the wax liquefy and stick to the dry cloth, which should then be removed softly.

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    Apply carpet stain remover until the whole wax is removed. To remove any color stains it is good to use commercial carpet stain remover.

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