How to Remove a Correction Fluid Stain

Correction fluid is used to get rid of errors from printed papers or documents. It is a common office tool used for whitening ink errors. The white liquid is applied on the error which matches the white paper colour when after drying. However, you need to be careful when applying a correction fluid on your document. It might spill or drip on your clothes or carpet. The stain is difficult to remove and you may end up getting frustrated. There is no need for panic as its stains can be removed after following specific instructions.

Things Required:

– Pretreating Fluid
– Laundry Detergent
– Rubbing Alcohol
– Cloth


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    First of all you need to let the stain on the fabric dry completely. In case the stain is fresh and you attempt to remove it, then the stain will get larger and difficult to get rid of.

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    After drying you need to scrap off the correction fluid stain as possible from the garment or the carpet.

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    Apply pretreating fluid or laundry detergent

    Next you need to apply any laundry detergent or pretreating fluid on the correction fluid stain. Leave the fluid or detergent on it and let it set. After few minutes, wash the garment like you are washing any normal cloth. Similarly if the correction fluid stain is on the carpet then clean it just like you are cleaning any other carpet.

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    Take garment to professionals

    In case the correction fluid has spilled on clothes which can be dry cleaned only then you need to take them to a professional. Cleaning the stain manually may damage it.

    Apply rubbing alcohol on carpet

    In order to remove correction fluid stains from carpet, there is another way. You can spray rubbing alcohol on the carpet with help from a spray bottle. Dampen the stain by spraying the rubbing alcohol everywhere. Then with help of a clean white rag you can rub away the stain. Remember to rub the cloth in circular motion. Continue dampening the rag as you rub away the stain.

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    Removing stain from surfaces

    First you need to soak up correction fluid which hasn’t dry with a paper towel. Then use utility knife to scrape out the stain. Spray the stained area with cleaner consisting of citrus oil. After leaving cleaner for few minutes, dampen your sponge and rub away the correction fluid stains.

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