How to Clean Quickly for Unexpected Guests

Having unexpected guests is something that almost everyone faces at some time and it becomes a challenging task to clean a house in a few minutes in order to avoid embarrassment. Many people receive phone call of some guest who tells them about his arrival at your place in a few minutes. These people try their best to clean their house to put a good impression on the guest. However, it is quite tricky to clean your house in a few minutes. However, you can take help from this article to learn how to clean quickly for unexpected guests.


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    First of all, you should immediately empty your trash after knowing that some guests are on their way to your home. Also empty the laundry and remove the clutter from the living areas especially drawing room.

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    Remove the dirty socks, toys of your kids, mail and all other unnecessary things that are giving a shabby look to your home. Put all these things in a shelf or in a drawer.

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    Make sure you have removed all clutter from the main entrance of your home which is used by all people for getting in or out of your home. It is better to sprinkle a pleasant spray preferably an air freshener which will eliminate any unpleasant smell of your home.

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    Kitchen is another important place that you need to clean if there are females among your unexpected guests because females usually visit the kitchen wherever they go. So remove unwashed utensils from the sink.

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    Make sure you have sprayed thoroughly in the kitchen which will eliminate the smell of different types of food. Also give a few seconds to rinse the sink of the kitchen.

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    Use a cloth to wipe out the dust from the tables and chairs or sofas of the drawing room and do not forget to remove any unnecessary thing from there.

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    Give a look to the toilet or washroom because usually guests use toilet. So, in order to avoid embarrassing situation, you should remove any clutter from the washroom which will not take more than a couple of minutes.

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    Also use air freshener in toilet or washroom in order to eliminate any unpleasant smell. Also make sure that the washroom sink is also clean.

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