How to Clean Your Chimney

Chimneys are great to have in your home but they can easily accumulate soot and creosote which are formed from burning fires. This substance usually leads to fire in chimneys if not properly removed. Most people do not realise that they can easily clean their chimney without having to hire a professional and spending a fortune to get the job done. If you have some basic tools and a little time then you can clean your chimney by following some simple instructions. Remember the goal is not to make your chimney sparkling clean but to clear out the creosote.

Things Required:

– Goggles
– Surgical type mask
– Chimney brush
– Duct tape
– Plastic sheeting


  • 1

    Burn hotter fires

    You can burn hotter fires in order to discard some of creosote from the chimney. Simply buy some logs and place it in your fireplace in order to make the fire hotter. You can apply this method once a month in order to clean the chimney.

  • 2

    Remove the items from your fireplace

    You need to remove all the items from inside and on top of your fireplace before using your brush. This is will give you some extra space to really get in there and clean it out.

  • 3

    Use plastic sheeting

    You are required to cover the opening of your fireplace with plastic sheeting. Use duct tape to keep the plastic sheeting in place. This will keep the debris away from your furniture, carpet and other household objects.

  • 4

    Wear goggles and surgical mask

    You need to wear goggles in order to keep dust and debris away from your eyes. In addition to this, you can wear a surgical mask so the dust particles do not go into your mouth and lungs.

  • 5

    Apply a chimney brush

    Next you need to get a chimney brush and take it on the roof. Insert the brush on the opening and work slowly. First you need to push your brush up and down. Then you are required to push the brush, twisting it towards the bottom. After applying the brush several times, you have accomplished your task.

  • 6

    Remove the sheets

    After the dust settles, you can remove the plastic from your fireplace. The dust will take almost an hour to settle. Then you need to vacuum the area to clean up the debris that has come from inside the fireplace. You can now replace the items that were inside and on top of the fireplace.

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