How to Clean Finished Wood Floor With Murphy Oil

A clean and shiny wooden floor of you house or workplace makes your environment a welcoming one. Wooden floors are delicate as compared to the concrete one and, therefore, require to be cleaned beyond what a vacuum cleaner can do. Murphy Oil Soap makes it really easy to do away with the debris, germs, and dirt from the wood floors. It is your partner in cleaning the surface smoothly without leaving behind any dust particles or residues. It is very safe and recommended items to clean your expensive wooden floor as it is free from bleach, heavy oils, ammonia or any other harsh chemicals

Clean Finished Wood Floor with Murphy Oil next time and enjoy a clean, polished and attention-grabbing environment!

Things Required:

– Bucket
– Long-handled brush
– Clean mop
– Clean towel


  • 1

    Mix Water and Murphy Oil Soap

    Pour 1 gallon of warm water into a large plastic washing bucket and top it with ¼ cup of Murphy Oil Soap.

  • 2

    Dissolve Murphy Oil Soap

    Use a long-handled brush to stir the mixture until the Murphy Oil Soap dissolves completely and forms a uniform soapy solution.

  • 3

    Dampen the clean mop

    Place a large dusting pad and clean mop’s head (tip) into the bucket and leave it for some time until it absorbs the solution and dampen well.  Lightly squeeze (wring) the mob or pad’s head out in order to remove the excess of solution. You can use wring it with your hands.

  • 4

    Clean the Wooden Floor

    Now start mobbing the wooden floor. Make sure to apply small amount of pressure while mopping as vigorous rubbing can remove the polish from the surface of your floor.

  • 5

    Continue Mopping

    Once the pad or mob is lightly dry, dip it into the solution, wring and continue mobbing for 3 to 5 minutes or until your wood floor is well cleaned.

  • 6

    Dry the Wood Floor

    Use clean and clean towels or pieces of cloth to dry off the floor.  Enjoy spotless wooden floor!

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