How to Clean a Leek and Cut

The fact that leeks grow in sandy soil makes them very difficult to clean, as compared to other vegetables. However, no matter how difficult or time consuming, cleaning leeks becomes necessary when a recipe you are making needs cleaned and cut leeks as an ingredient. Cleaning and then cutting a leek can be made easy by using a simple technique which is not at all difficult to master.

Things Required:

– Knife
– Bowl of cold water
– Strainer
– Paper towels


  • 1

    Use a sharp knife to cut off the top few inches of the dark green leaves found on the leek. After the leaves comes the leek’s root. Cut it off just like the leaves and discard it.

  • 2

    Slice each leak along its length with the sharp knife. While the leek is being sliced, be sure to keep the leek layers together. Cut the leek into pieces as required.

  • 3

    Add cool water to a bowl and transfer the leek pieces to the bowl.

  • 4

    Get rid of the dirt and sand accumulated on the pieces of leek by swirling them in the water with your hand. Continue swirling until you are confident that all the dirt particles have come loose in the water.

  • 5

    Separate the pieces of leek from the water by straining the contents of the bowl through a strainer. Rinse the leek pieces under cool running water from a tap.

  • 6

    Dirt and sand particles may still be stuck to the leek pieces. If that is the case, you will need to repeat the previous steps a few more times. Be sure to use clean water each time you repeat the steps. Continue until the leek slices are properly clean and no sand or dirt particles remain on them.

  • 7

    Allow time for the leek slices to dry completely before using them as directed by your recipe. To speed up the drying process, transfer the leek slices onto one or more paper towels.

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