How to Remove Wax from Furniture

Wax build-up is fairly common as far as furniture is concerned. It occurs with the passage of time, when the wax which is applied to polish and lend a shine to the furniture builds up on the surface. Naturally, this needs to be removed, in order to preserve the look of the furniture.

If you have dealt with wax, and are familiar with its consistency, you might feel that removing wax from furniture sounds like a difficult and near impossible task. However, removing wax from furniture without damaging the smooth finish is surprisingly easy – all you need to do is try out a couple of techniques in order to see what works best.


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    An easy and effective way to remove wax from furniture involves an iron and a piece of paper - both items that are commonly found in most households. To begin, heat the iron - keep it on medium heat, and make sure it is not too hot. Then, take a thick piece of paper (make sure it isn't newspaper), place it over the area that is covered with the wax, and then proceed to apply the hot iron to the piece of paper, until all the wax is removed.

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    You can also apply ice to the wax, and hold it there until the wax becomes stiff and brittle.  Then, you can easily chip it off.

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    Buffing the furniture is another good idea if you are looking to remove any unwanted wax. In this process, it is recommended that you buff the piece of furniture with a dry cloth in a circular motion, using liberal amounts of elbow grease. You will have to put some muscle into it as it involves a lot of hard work, and can make for strenuous arm exercise. If you apply force on the right spots, you will be able to remove the wax effectively.

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    If buffing does not do the trick for you, then you need to use a product that has been specially designed for the purpose of removing wax from furniture. You need to apply the product on a soft and clean cloth, and rub it on the area with the wax. Remember that you need to begin rubbing the cloth in a circular motion, and then shift into the direction of the wood grain. It is important that you keep rubbing the surface of the wood until the cloth and the wood are both dry. Keep working on the wooden surface in this manner, until you manage to remove all the wax.

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