How to Clean a Penny without Ruining It

Once pennies had more worth and were more useful. You could buy many candies and other things with a penny. Nowadays, pennies might not have the same value as they used to so people tend to save them in a jar. People save pennies until they are worth dollars. In case you are saving it for coin collection purposes or for playing Penny Bridge, it is strongly advisable for you to clean it first. With following some guidelines and proper procedure, you can clean pennies with ease.


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    Vinegar and salt method

    Take a glass of vinegar or lemon juice. Then mix salt in it. Take a teaspoon of table salt and mix it thoroughly. Next you need to place the pennies you want to clean in the glass. Remember not to place them over each other. After placing pennies, you need to let them stay in the lemon juice or vinegar for almost five minutes. In the end simple take the pennies out and wash them. Let them dry for almost five to ten minutes and you will have a sparkling penny.

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    Eraser method

    First gather your dirty pennies in a table and get an eraser. Later you need to apply eraser on the pennies just like you are rubbing marks on the paper. After applying eraser on one side, you need to flip it and apply eraser on the other side in same way. Remember that this method takes only ten second for cleaning a penny.

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    Bar Keepers Friend method

    Get some Bar Keepers friend for this method. Remember that this solution clean all copper items easily and quickly. It will not only clean your pennies but can also clean copper bottom cookware. You are required to wet the coins you want to clean and sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend over it. In the end you need to wash it light and rinse to get clean pennies.

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    Coca Cola method

    Get a can of Coca Cola for this method. Place pennies in a jar or a pan. Remember not to place them over each other. Pour enough Coca Cola in the jar so pennies are dipped in it. Let them sit there for almost five hours. In the end take pennies out and wash them with warm water.

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