How to Clean the Wheels of a Rolling Desk Chair

Do you have a rolling desk chair that requires cleaning?

Are the wheels filled with hair/debris and it’s hard for the chair to move, or is it just the dust that is annoying you?

Sometimes the wheels of the rolling desk chair need a good cleaning and you have to do it without making a mess. In such cases, always be patient and do not rush things. It’s not something that you are trying to pull off, so be calm, adopt the proper procedure and do it at a time when the rolling desk chair is not under use.

Things required:

– Desk chair
– Hook
– Lighter
– Blade
– Tweezers
– Wipe
– Basket


  • 1

    First, turn your rolling desk chair upside down. You must be able to access the wheels of the chair and they should be visible to you. It is preferable that you bring a basket in close vicinity. It will help you in avoiding any mess around the cleaning area. Moreover, it will be quite easy and convenient for you to put things down in a basket.

  • 2

    Check for the bulk hair stuck around the wheels. They mostly have a tight grip around the wheels and it is extremely hard to pull them out. Therefore, grab hold of a razor blade and start cutting any threads or hair. Cut slowly because there is a high possibility that if you apply force, you might damage the plastic area. Just cut whatever is necessary and do not touch anything else.

  • 3

    Sometimes, the hair are not easily accessible. Be sure to light them up so that they are no longer a problem for you. In this case you might experience a bad smell, so do not get annoyed. Moreover, you might also leave a mark on the wheel which shouldn’t be much of a problem.

  • 4

    With hair burnt and cut, you can now easily pull them out with the help of a hook or tweezers. Once you pull them out, put them in a basket so that there is no mess made.

  • 5

    Once everything has been completed, simply grab an antibacterial wipe and start cleaning the wheels. This will help the chair look brand new all over again.

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