How to Get Rid of Blood Stains on Clothes

Unfortunate accidents from car accident to a knife cut while chopping food items can happen in daily life. However, the bloodstains that you get on your favorite clothes after the accidents are difficult to remove.

Blood, bodily fluid, contains proteins, which make the blood removing process more complex. When these proteins in the blood are exposed to any source of heat, they clot and sink the blood quickly into the fabric.

Therefore, never make the mistake to wash the bloodstains with hot water otherwise forget about getting rid of the nasty bloodstains on your clothes. However, do not worry; read this article carefully and get rid of bloodstains on your clothes.


  • 1

    Soak up the bloodstain cloth

    Soak up the bloodstain cloth with a tissue paper or cotton ball if it is still wet. Make sure not to rub it at any cost, as it can spread to the clean part of the cloth.

  • 2

    Put the bloodstain cloth in washing tub

    Now, if the bloodstain has dried, grab a washing tub, fill it with cold water, and dip the stained cloth in it. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes or until wet thoroughly.

  • 3

    Squeeze excess water

    Remove the stained cloth from water tub and squeeze excess water properly.

  • 4

    Pour few drops stain remover

    Now, pour few drops of laundry detergent, hydrogen peroxide, or enzyme stain remover straight onto the bloodstain and let it sit for one or two minutes.

  • 5

    Scrub the bloodstain

    Gently scrub the bloodstain with the help of your finger, a washing brush, or an old toothbrush.

  • 6

    Keep soaking and scrubbing for few minutes

    Repeat the soaking and scrubbing of the stain for few minutes until you get rid of them completely.

  • 7

    Rinse your clothes

    Rinse your clothes with cold water until the stain remover is completely out and the fabric is not soapy anymore.

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