How to Clean Eyeglasses without Streaks

Tired of unclean eyeglasses?

Are you having a problem where you clean your eyeglasses and end up leaving streaks behind?

Well, knowing how to clean your glasses is extremely easy, and you should not complicate it. There are several eyeglass cleaning wipes available in the market. Moreover, in case you are wearing lenses, you can always opt for the lens cleaning chemicals which are also used by professional. You can easily get smudge and streak free eyeglasses and don’t have to spend money on useless products available in the market.

Things Required:

– Dishwashing liquid
– Microfibre cloth/lens cleaning cloth


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    In order to clean your glasses, you first need to go to your kitchen and turn on the tap. Wait till the water is warm (not hot), and once you are sure of the temperature, just rinse your eyeglasses in order to remove any dust particles. Once you are done with pouring water on your glasses, put a little dishwashing liquid on your fingers and gently rub them on the frame and areas where you think your glasses are unclean. The dishwashing soap will simply remove any grease or oil that has settled on your glasses. Once you are done, rinse your glasses with water once again so the soap can be washed off.

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    The microfibre cloth can be used to dry your glasses, so that there are no streaks left behind. These wipes are designed to remove any moisture left on the surface and there will be no streaks or fluff left behind once you are done cleaning your glasses with it.

    Once your glasses are fully dry, simply wipe them off with your lens cleaning cloth.

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    In case you think that this is too much work for you, you can always opt for going to the mall. The stores selling eyeglasses are always up for cleaning them as well. Some would do it for free, just as a demonstration to showcase how they can make the perfect eyeglasses for you.

    Moreover, you can always purchase the lens cleaning chemicals they have. Not every shop that is selling eyeglasses would hand you with this chemical. You will have to look around and see who is willing to sell you this chemical. Just purchase it and ask the shopkeeper to fully explain as to how you are supposed to apply that chemical on your eyeglasses.

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