How to Wash Your Jeans Properly

With some of us investing hundreds of dollars a year in jeans (some of us hit that number on each pair), we reckon it’s pretty important to know how to properly care for and wash your jeans. These denim pants represent one of the most popular and widely worn garments around the world. We have all seen their versatility and comfort, and let’s face it a pair of jeans that fit well are like caffeine for our confidence.

A good pair of jeans fit better over time as they contour to your body.


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    How Often

    We strongly advise that you wash your jeans as little as possible. Due to the nature of jeans (100% cotton) and how they react to washing, you should aim to wash them as little as possible.

    Now if you run marathons or spill and stain your jeans, they should definitely be washed. We trust you to exercise your judgement.

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    Inside Out

    When the time comes to actually wash your jeans, the most important advice that we can provide is that you turn them inside out before washing them. This aids in protecting the colour of your jeans.

    Use a delicate cycle with the water temperature suggested on the tag of the jeans.

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    Special Ingredient

    In order to protect your jeans from "bleeding" colour in your wash load, add 1 cup of white vinegar to the wash. The vinegar helps seal the colour into the denim and goes a long way in protecting your pants.

    Note: The first time you wash your jeans, we suggest you wash them with dark coloured garments in case some bleeding or colour running occurs.

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    It is very important that you let your jeans either hang dry or air dry. If you chose the fit and size of your jeans well, this will ensure that they fit you as well, if not better, than the day that you bought them.

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