How to Get Wax Stains Out of Washable Fabric

Candlelight adds ambience and beauty to the overall appearance of the room, especially when the candles are placed on a beautiful table placed in the room. However, it can be a nuisance if the candle wax drops down on the table cloth or any other piece of cloth near it. The wax can leave untidy and greasy stains on the fabric, which can make the cloth appear annoying and messy. If the same happens to you, then you do not need to panic, as the stain can easily be removed. However, you have to make sure which method and fabric you are working on.


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    Scraping Away the Wax:

    If you find wax on any type of fabric, you should then scrape it away to remove the stain. Make sure you chip away as much wax as possible.

    You can also chill the fabric, which will make it easy for you to scrape the wax out of the fabric. For that purpose, you can place the fabric into the refrigerator. If you are dealing with a piece of carpet, or something of the same size, then you can use ice bags or ice cubes. Then you can chip out the wax by using a spoon or a small spatula. Make sure you use vacuum cleaner to take off the wax pieces off the carpet.

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    Blotting the Fabric with Fluid:

    You can place the affected fabric between the blotters. For instance, you can use paper towels for that purpose. You should then press the stain gently by using the dry-cleaning fluid.  Make sure you flush it with the same fluid, after you press it well. At the end, allow the fabric to dry in open air.

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    Using Powder Detergent:

    You can also use powder detergent to remove the stain. Sponge the fabric with water and apply the detergent on the stained area. You can then gently rub the fabric, and rinse it with clean water. Allow the fabric to dry afterwards.

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    Using Liquid Detergent:

    If you plan to use a liquid detergent, then you must make sure that the fabric is completely dry, before applying the detergent. Take out a small amount of liquid detergent and apply it on the stain. Then you can launder in hot water. Make sure the temperature of water is safe for the fabric.

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