How to Perform a Smudging Ritual

The smudging ritual, also known as the smudging ceremony, is a tradition which has its roots in the Native American culture. It is performed in order to cleanse a house (usually a new one), or any other area, of bad spirits and any negative energy that might be lurking about, and to protect the house from further evil. The ritual can be carried out by anyone, using two simple tools, but must be conducted with the utmost reverence and respect.

Things Required:

– Sage smudge stick
– Lighter


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    Start by offering your prayers to God the Creator. Ask Him to bless you as you undertake this task, and request the spirit guides to help you. Once the prayers have been performed, light the sage stick using the lighter. After the smudge stick catches fire, and starts to smoulder and smoke, blow it out. If it does not catch fire, and burns out, it needs to be re-lit.

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    Now, before you get to the heart of the ritual, pray once again – this time, request that the smoke being produced by the sage smudge stick be blessed, and granted the power to heal any who might be sick, bless the house, and drive away any negative auras and vibes.

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    Once this is done, start purifying yourself by smudging the smoke onto yourself. Draw it over yourself from head to toe, and use your arms and hands to smudge it all over your body. You can also use a feather to fan and spread the smoke about.

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    After you have purified yourself with the smoke, it is time to begin the same process on the house. Perform the ritual one room at a time – start at the doorway of the room, smudge the smoke all over the door frame, then over the walls and corners of the room. If the room contains any closets, drawers, cabinets, etc, throw them all open, and purify them with smoke too. Allow the smoke to penetrate everything in the room.

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    Repeat this procedure for every room in the house. Once the entire house has been smudged with smoke, end the ceremony by thanking God the Creator, as well as the spirit guides. Request that the smoke be granted the ability to take away all the evil in the vicinity, and then throw open all the doors and windows in the house, allowing the smoke and negative energy to be carried away by the wind.

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