How to Remove Lint from Clothing

We’ve all seen it on our favourite garments and had our hearts drop a little. Little lint balls setting up their little colonies all over our sweaters, shirts and other garments. The good news is that there are several viable and simple options available to get rid of these bad boys.

Things Required:

– Fabric comb or,
– Tape or,
– Link roller or,
– Single blade rollers or,
– Pumice stone.


  • 1

    Set Up The Garment

    For optimal lint removal, you must lie the garment flat on a surface that allows you to gently stretch it section by section. A table or dresser works great.

  • 2

    Fabric Comb

    A fabric comb is a small, fine toothed comb that is specifically designed for the removal of lint from fabric. Such combs can be purchased at your local fabric store.

  • 3

    Tape It

    Wrap tape around your hand so that the sticky part is facing outward. Once you have a solid band (2-3 rows), press your hand against the garment and use the stickiness of the tape to remove lint balls.

  • 4

    Lint Roller

    A lint roller is a tried and tested method similar to the tape method mentioned above. Such items can be purchased at a local grocery, dollar and home stores.

  • 5

    Single Blade Razors

    A single blade razor is an effective way to remove lint. Run the razor bit by bit over the sweater gently to remove all the fluffy stuff.

  • 6

    Pumice Stone

    A pumice stone is usually used for foot treatment and pedicures. It is also extremely useful as a lint remover. Brush your garment gently with the pumice stone. Be sure not to be too aggressive with the stone as it can pull the clothing.

    The stone can be purchased at a pharmacy or grocery store that sells toiletry products.

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