How to Remove Hairspray from Glasses

Hairspray is a common beauty product which is used to make hair stiff during styling. There are various chemical ingredients used in this product which keep hair in place. The main ingredient is Polydimethylsiloxane which helps in holding the hair for a long time. While you use the hairspray the minor drops falls everywhere especially on the mirror or a glass and due to the stickiness it becomes a hassle to remove. There are few techniques which will make your job easy and you will be able to remove the hairspray.

Things Required:

– Synthetic Vinegar
– Rubbing Alcohol
– Fabric Softener


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    There are three main steps to remove the hairspray from glass. The first is the simplest one you just need to pour few drops of synthetic vinegar on the glass and with the help of a cotton cloth rub the glass until the hairspray dissolves. Then take a dry cloth and clean the glass. Try any brand of synthetic vinegar or whatever might be convenient for you.

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    The other technique is done by using fabric softener in a liquid form. Take a ratio of 1:3, fabric softener to water. Pour a moderate quantity of the mixture and rub the glass with the help of a cloth. In the end take a dry cotton cloth and wipe it completely. You can use any brand of fabric softener that you might have laying around the house.

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    For the last technique you will be using rubbing alcohol. Spray few drops of rubbing alcohol and rub the glass until the hairspray is dissolved and then wipe off the glass with a dry cloth. Make sure you thoroughly wipe all the rubbing alcohol off the glass as it can leave marks.

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    If you still face difficulties in removing the hairspray from glass then it might be a good idea to buy a cleaning solution that can effectively handle this job for you. There are many new organic type of cleaning products that are not only environmentally safe but also very effective for taking hairspray and other chemicals off glass. You will find many different cleaning solutions available in the market.

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    You can also hire a professional cleaner to come to your home and thoroughly clean all of the glass. If you hire a professional it will cost you a decent amount of money so be sure to be ready for this ahead of time. A professional cleaner will have all the top quality equipment and solutions to effectively handle all of your needs.

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