How to Clean a Digital SLR Camera

Buying yourself a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is a big decision, as it’s quite expensive and you have to be real careful while using it. With expensive equipment, comes greater responsibility. For getting the best results from your camera, you need to keep it in an optimum condition. And that can be done be taking proper care of your camera.

Things required:

Lint free cloth

Air Blower

Lens cleaning solution

Sensor brush

Sensor swab


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    Detaching the lens

    Detach the lens from the camera body and place the cap over the sensor to protect it from any dust particles going over the surface of the sensor. Place the lens safely inside a box or your camera bag while cleaning, as you can clean that separately.

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    Clean the exterior

    Use a soft or lint-free cloth to clean the exterior of the camera body. Remove the dust gently and thoroughly so that no traces or particles can be found over the surface of the camera. Don't use anything other than a simple plain piece of cloth for cleaning. Moreover, don't forget to clean around the camera mount, as dirt particles often remain there despite after cleaning the body.

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    Clean the lens

    Cleaning the lens can also help in increasing the image quality as it makes it get rid of unnecessary dirt which might affect the result. Remember to use a clean cloth, a microfiber can be used for best results to avoid scratching the glass of the lens. Take the cap of the lens, and clean it in a circular motion

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    Clean the sensor

    Use the blower to blow away any dust from the sensor. After that use the cleaning liquid and gently apply it over the surface of the sensor. Use a wet swab or cleaning brush to clean the surface from the fluid. Leave to dry for a while, and then blow it once more with a blower. Replace the cap over the mount of the camera.

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    Seek help of the manual

    You can refer to the camera manual at all times. Don't hesitate from seeking assistance from the prescribed instructions, they might be able to help you out where you feel troubled.

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