How to Clean a Granite Countertop

Granite is nowadays used for kitchen remodelling. People love to use it for countertops and other purposes as it is not only strong but beautiful as well. Spicing it further, it does not require much maintenance and pleases everyone eyes. When these granite countertops get dirty, it can easily be cleaned nowadays as compared to past years. People are unaware of how to clean these granite countertops. However, there are several products which can be found easily from your local stores in order to clean a granite countertop.

Things Required:

– Water
– Dish detergent
– Lemon or vinegar cleaners
– Microfiber cloth


  • 1

    Prepare the surface

    In order to clean a granite countertop properly, you need to prepare it. Set aside all the appliances and things so you can easily clean the whole countertop. Then you are required to remove the excess debris. In order to clean it efficiently, you need to wipe out any liquid fallen quickly after it is spilled. In case the liquid has spilled for a time and is set, you need to apply rag soaked in hot water. This will loosen and remove the excess debris. In order to get rid remaining crumbs, you can simply apply warm soapy water for washing. You need to discard all the crumbs and debris before properly cleaning the surface.

  • 2

    Formulate the homemade granite countertop cleaning formula

    Now you need to make a cleaning solution for your granite countertop. For this purpose get a bucket full of water. Remember to pour warm clean water. Later add mild dish detergent and rubbing alcohol. You need to take one part of rubbing alcohol and three portions of dish detergent. In the end you need to stir so it mixes well. Remember to cool off the water so it you can use warm water on the countertop.

  • 3

    Avoid acidic formulas

    You need to avoid applying acidic formulas. Take caution and refrain from using ammonia, lemon or vinegar cleaners on granite. Remember that applying acidic formulas will eat away the surface.

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    Wash with clean white cloth

    You should use a clean white cloth for washing purposes. This will give best results. You can use a microfiber cloth or a clean cloth diaper.

  • 5

    Buff and dry

    After washing and cleaning the granite counter, you need to dry it immediately. In case you do not buff it, it may leave streaks. You can apply microfiber cloth for buffing. By this you will not only dry the countertop but will also enhance its finish.

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