How to Store Kitchen Knives

Knives are quite possibly the most dangerous item in the kitchen, and the tool that causes the most injuries. In addition to proving dangerous for you and your family, improper storage can also damage the blades of the knives themselves, and end up wasting your investment. Select an appropriate way to store knives in the kitchen, in order to increase safety, and make them easier to access and use.


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    To begin, make sure you keep the safety of your family in mind when storing kitchen knives. This is especially important if there are small children in the house. Ensure that you keep the knives in a place where children cannot reach them, and if you store them in a drawer, make sure you install a child-proof lock on it, so children can’t get to them.

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    In addition to ensuring security, you will also need to select a handy spot for storing the knives. While keeping knives away from children who might hurt themselves is a valid concern, this doesn’t mean that you should store the knives in a container placed in the back of a hard-to-reach closet. Make sure the knives are stored in a place where you can access them easily in time of need. For example, keep them near the kitchen counter where you do most of your cutting and chopping.

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    A magnetic storage bar is a great tool for storing knives. This can be hung on a wall at any location you choose, and the magnetic bar enables the knives to hang from it in a row. The knives will stay attached by their blades, and to use, you can simply grasp the desired knife by the handle, and twist to remove it from the magnetic bar. However, this storage option is not a good idea if you have small children around the house.

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    Another method for storing kitchen knives is the storage block. These are blocks of wood in varying sizes, which have slits cut into them – you can slide knives into these slits, and pull them out by their handles whenever you need to use them. The best option would be a storage block made of wooden skewers – this will not damage the blade, and keep it sharp no matter how many times you slide the knife in and out.

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    If you would rather not invest in fancy knife storing devices, simply select a particular drawer in the kitchen for knife storage. Do not dump the knives into a drawer with the rest of the cutlery – this means the knives will get lost in all the clutter, and you might injure yourself if you happen to reach in. Instead, designate a drawer that is specifically for knives, and line them up neatly, to keep them organised and to allow yourself easy access.

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