How to Clean a Guitar With Household Products

Whenever you go to practice room or want to sing, you will just want to pick up the guitar and perform. Cleaning may be the last thing that comes across your mind when you see a guitar. However, cleaning is vital in order to increase the life of your instrument. There are many products easily available in market which you can purchase and easily apply. However, instead of buying these products, you can use household products in order to clean your guitar. This will not only save your time but also money.

Things Required:

– Swiffer cleaning pads
– Shammy cloth
– Teak oil
– Q-tips


  • 1

    Apply shammy cloth

    Get a shammy cloth and use it to clean your guitar strings. By applying shammy cloth, you will not only keep your guitar’s string clean but will also extend its life. Remember to clean the top and bottom of the strings as well. In case you do not have shammy cloth, you can use any soft cloth, hand towel or even a clean rag for cleaning guitar’s strings.

  • 2

    Use Swiffer cleaning pad

    For cleaning the metal areas of your guitar, you should use Swiffer cleaning pad. Remember to apply Swiffer pad to your running pegs, pick-ups, bridge and input jack in order to keep dust and grime away from your guitar. Keep in mind that dust and grime can lead to corrosion of your guitar. As a result, you may be required to replace those corroded parts.

    Instead of Swiffer cleaning pad, you can use dusting spray like Endust and a piece of cloth. By this you will be able to clean the metal parts. However, it is difficult to carry dusting spray and cloth in your guitar case. Thus, Swiffer cleaning pads are preferable as they can be easily carried.

  • 3

    Apply teak oil

    You need to take teak oil and rub on the fretboard of your guitar. Remember that applying teak oil will keep your fretboard moist and eventually increase its life. In addition to this, teak oil will increase your guitar’s beauty as it causes in lustring and shining of wood. However, you need to take caution when applying teak oil. Take all of the strings turn by turn out before applying it.

  • 4

    Use Q-tips

    For hard to reach areas such as under the strings, around the bridge and between the pick-ups, use Q-tips for cleaning.

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