How to Clean Canvas Hunting Tents

Keeping your canvas hunting tent clean is vital to prevent mold from growing on the material. Your canvas hunting tent provides excellent protection from the wind and rain while out in the wilderness. Maintaining your canvas hunting tent will ensure that you can get the most out of it when you need to. Cleaning a canvas hunting tent can be quite challenging but with some hard work you will get your canvas hunting tent clean for your next outdoor adventure.

Things Required:

– Cleaning Brush
– Long Broom
– Vacuum
– Canvas Cleaning Solution


  • 1

    Vacuum out tent:

    You should use your vacuum and get out as much dirt as possible. Be sure to vacuum out all of the corners and also the canvas walls. Be careful while using the vacuum as you do not want to puncture or tear the canvas.

  • 2

    Buy canvas cleaner:

    Go to any hardware store and find a bottle of canvas cleaner that you can easily use to clean out your tent. This cleaner is specially designed to clean canvas without ruining the materials. Remember to purchase enough canvas cleaner depending on the size and style of your canvas hunting tent. If you have any left over after cleaning you can easily store it for the next time you want to clean your canvas hunting tent.

  • 3

    Use long broom:

    Use the long broom to reach the top of the canvas tent for cleaning. Gently scrub the outside of the canvas tent with the long broom. Remember to use a little pressure for areas that are especially dirty. You want to remove as much dirt as possible before applying the canvas cleaning solution to your hunting tent.

  • 4

    Use canvas cleaner:

    Add the canvas cleaner to water and use this solution on both the inside and outside of your canvas hunting tent. Use the cleaning brush to thoroughly scrub the entire tent with the solution. While scrubbing with the brush make sure that you do not use too much force as you do not want to damage your canvas hunting tent. Be sure to rinse the entire tent with water when you are finished.

  • 5

    Allow tent to dry:

    Make sure that you allow the canvas hunting tent to dry out properly. Never pack a canvas tent while it is wet as this can promote the growth of mold or mildew on the materials. You can put the tent out in the sun for a few hours or use a hairdryer to dry out the inside corners.

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