How to Clean Fabric or Vinyl Convertible Tops

Fabric or vinyl convertible tops can get dirty with the passage of time due to accumulation of dust particles and debris. Another factor that can deteriorate the look of a fabric or vinyl convertible top is the weather. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can clean fabric or vinyl convertible tops. One of the possible ways to accomplish this is to use of a RAGGTOPP convertible top care kit.

Things Required:

– RAGGTOPP convertible top care kit
– Nylon scrub brush
– Water hose
– Microfiber towel
– Window cleaner (if required)


  • 1

    Before you start cleaning the top, get rid of dust particles and debris. This can be done by rinsing the top thoroughly with water from a water hose.

  • 2

    Park your car in shade. From the RAGGTOPP vinyl and fabric cleaner spray bottle, spray a uniform coat of the cleaner on the entire top. Make sure that none of the areas remain unsprayed.

  • 3

    Allow approximately 2 minutes for the cleaner to set properly. If the top you are cleaning is heavily soiled, you may have to wait for about 20 minutes in order for the cleaner to set properly.

  • 4

    Use a nylon scrub brush, scrub the entire top lightly. This will help the cleaner make its way further into the top and thus make the cleaning process more easy and effective. Make sure that also scrub stitches and go around the windows as well. Remember that if you are cleaning an extremely dirt convertible top, you may have to apply RAGGTOPP vinyl and fabric cleaner more than once.

  • 5

    Remove all the studs from the top. This can be accomplished using water from a water hose. This should not be very difficult because the pH value of RAGGTOPP vinyl and fabric cleaner is very low. Before you move on to the next time, allow enough time for the top to dry completely. You may park the car in sun if you want to speed up the drying process.

  • 6

    You are just about done cleaning the top. Once it is completely dry, apply a uniform layer of RAGGTOPP fabric protectant or RAGGTOPP vinyl protectant depending on the material which was used to manufacture the top you are cleaning. Spray a coat of fabric or vinyl protectant and allow time for it to dry completely. Wipe clean with a microfiber towel. Check and see if another coat of fabric or vinyl protectant is required or not.

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