How to Fly with Little Children

A flight can sometimes become troublesome if you are accompanied by children. It usually takes more time to buy tickets and check in especially with kids running around screaming. In this hustle and bustle, you can forget about many things such as what to bring and how to dress. To help make this experience more pleasant, you can get organised and take some control over the situation. Following certain rules will ensure that you and the other passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

Things Required:

– Water Bottle
– Medication
– Clean Clothes
– Wiping Cloth
– Toys
– Baby Supplies (if applicable)


  • 1

    Use the internet to read about your destination before going to another country or region. Abrupt climate changes disturb people, especially children. Do not choose to travel with a small child to those countries where the weather is unusual. Also, make sure to research the medical facilities that are available as it is always a good idea to have all the information before visiting a particular place.

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    Pick an airline with a good reputation and avoid taking long flights with children. Think of a trip in which transport will be more comfortable and enjoyable for your children. If you do have to travel long distances then plan for frequent stops so that your kids can take a break.

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    Prepare your child for the trip. If he/she is about to take a long journey for the first time, it is important to talk to them about it. For example, show your kids pictures of the plane or train and try to tell them that they are fun and exciting to ride. Tell them stories of your past experiences while taking a journey on an airplane or train. Try to make it sound like an adventure and your kids will get excited about the journey.

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    Stock up on necessary things. During the trip, the child should have a bottle of water at hand. Do not forget to take clean towels, clothes according to your intended stay and a minimal set of drugs (antiseptics, bandages, antipyretics and antihistamines, sorbents and pills in case of a sickness). It is advisable to take along some toys, cup or spoon of the baby in which he/she finds it comfortable to eat and drink. The presence of familiar things will make your kids feel safe.

  • 5

    Take care of baby food during the trip. It is important not to eat in unusual locations or fast food outlets. Also, do not order exotic dishes even if they do request for a change. This will avoid problems with their stomachs.

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