Review of 2001 Ford Focus Wagon SE

This is a review of the 2001 Ford Focus Wagon SE. It is my experience with our own vehicle. It discusses pros and cons.

We bought our 2001 Ford Focus Wagon in June 2005. This Ford Focus had 48,000 miles at the time of purchase. In the meantime, as of now (January 2006), our Ford Focus has 52, 000 miles. I am a stay-at-home mom working part-time at my children’s school. I use the Ford Focus wagon to shuttle our family around town and a couple long distance drives a year for vacations. In June 2005 it was important for our family to purchase a reliable, roomy vehicle because our van had broken down. After doing research, my husband and I decided on the Ford Focus Wagon and could not be happier. The main thing we like about our Ford Focus Wagon was the roominess of it. My husband is disabled and when we travel we need to include his wheelchair, his walker, and his shower bench. All these, plus the usual vacation baggage, fit nicely in the cargo area of the wagon.

As for gas mileage, the Ford Focus Wagon could do better for city driving. We can get almost 200 miles per full tank. However, it does get surprisingly good mileage on the highway. Our Ford Focus Wagon can get up to between 250 to 300 miles per full tank. In this time of high gas prices, I am very happy to be driving this vehicle as opposed to a van or SVU.

We also like the compact size of the Ford Focus Wagon. It is much easier to get into both a parallel parking spot and a spot in a parking lot than our old van. It also rides very smoothly.

We could not be happier with our Ford Focus Wagon. It is everything as advertised in and Consumer Reports. I would fully recommend this vehicle.

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