How To Prevent Windshield Cracks from Spreading

An owner of a car will have only two options if the windshield of the vehicle is cracked due to an accident. The first option would be to replace the glass which is extremely expensive and the other option would be to get it repaired.

The best and the safest way would be to get the windshield replaced as that would remove any danger of an accident in the future. However, repairing is also possible in just a ratio of the amount that is required to buy a new glass. There are certain steps to be taken before you get the windshield repaired.

An estimate has to be made for the expenditure that will be occurred. The estimate should be compared with the cost of a new glass to assess the best option. It has to be remembered that repairing the cracks in the windshield is a temporary arrangement only.


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    Assess the crack on the windshield

    The first task would be to have a look at the crack on the windshield. If the crack is a bigger one and is obstructing the view of the driver, that certainly has to be repaired immediately. But if the crack in a lot smaller and is less than 30 days old, you still have some time. The best way is to get it repaired immediately as safety is very important

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    Get the windshield check by a workshop

    Take the car to a workshop to get an estimate of the cost that would be incurred to get the glass replaced. Get the estimate from at least two shops to get a good judgement of the price. Also check the price of a new windshield from the shops to make a comparison of the two. Generally the cost of repairing is way less than the cost of a new one

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    Take the best option

    After the comparison of the repairing glass price and the new glass price, make a decision. If the cost of repairing is close to the cost of a new one, go for a new glass but if there is a huge difference, get the crack repaired instead

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    Claim insurance

    When the estimate is made, contact your insurance company so that they pay for the cost of repairing the glass. Most insurance companies pay for repairing and the cost can be covered in your policy. It has to be noted that after repairing, the crack will still be visible but it will not crack any further and you will be safe

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