The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Hummer

The Hummer series has gone through three different models, with the first one being released to the public in 1994. With every model that General Motors releases, they somehow are able to sell better than the ones before it. In fact, rumor has it that an H4 is already in development and may be released as soon as 2008, even though the current Hummer model was just released last year.

1. Low Gas Mileage + High Gas Prices = Why Buy?
With gas prices looking like they’re never going to stop going up and with the worst gas mileage out of any car available to civilians, why do people even buy the Hummer? It’s the least fuel efficient vehicle available on the market and unless you have tons money to waste on gas or plan on driving it only on the weekends, than this is a strong point against the Hummer. If you actually plan on using the Hummer as a “weekend-only car,” that doesn’t mean that the gas mileage gets any better. You’re just barely using the vehicle that you spent about $40,000 on.

2. Do you just like to be controversial?
The Hummer is probably the most political vehicle on the market. In times like these where liberals and conservatives seem to hate each other more than ever before, people often outwardly show that they don’t like particular things. Many citizens are very open to their dislike of the President and with the Hummer being the most “conservative” car on the market, why would you want to have it? There are many strong anti-Hummer people and unless you like being the driver that half the population hates, I don’t see why you would buy a Hummer. Although the Hummer may seem patriotic when it comes to its use in war, it definitely doesn’t make all citizens at home happy campers.

3. Do you enjoy pollution?
Since Hummers weigh a ridiculous amount, they are put into the same category as farm machinery such as tractors. For some reason, this means that American fuel economy regulations and standards don’t have to apply to Hummers. Pollution is getting worse and SUVs like this certainly aren’t helping the problem. Sure, we might not be alive to experience the major problems with global pollution, but imagine what it will be like in a century or so. You might regret it when you realize the next generations of your family might have to live in a horribly polluted world that certainly weren’t helped by Hummers. Who knows, maybe in the future civilian use of Hummers may be banned because of global problems.

4. Current Hummer owners complain about their SUVs
Several recent surveys, such as the 2003 J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Survey, show that Hummer owners complain more about their vehicle than any owners with other vehicles. Either something is wrong with the SUV… or Hummer owners just love to complain about their own car. Many Hummer owners complain about gas mileage, noise, and poor performance. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like my car to be fuel efficient, quiet, and in good shape.

5. Better cars with cheaper prices are available on the market
I would understand why people would buy Hummers if they were good cars and had a cheap price tag. However, they are quite expensive and I don’t really understand how an armored SUV would be so useful in anything other than a war. Hummers are not necessarily safe on city streets, since due to their weight they have bad handling and take longer to come to a complete stop. Many other alternatives exist that are cheaper, more efficient, and safe.

These are just a few of the reasons why many people such as myself don’t see why civilians buy Hummers. They certainly aren’t efficient cars and though you might appear to be patriotic to soldiers abroad, many fellow citizens will dislike you and your car. So why don’t you just buy a cheaper, more efficient car that doesn’t come with any controversies?

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