How to Run a Bobcat Excavator

Excavating mud and stones is a vital feature at construction sites. Bobcat is the machine most commonly used for moving dirt, stones or debris. Like most of the heavy construction machinery, bobcat requires special skills and due care to operate. Any carelessness or mistake on part of the bobcat operator might result in devastating events and hence, if you have to use this heavy duty machinery, you better take certain steps to run it safely and effectively. There are a number of features installed in bobcat excavator and you should be aware of most of them for better operating.


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    Understanding the operating features of a bobcat excavator will require you to spend significant time. Practice makes you a perfect operator of this machine. Approximately 10 hours of practice will make you a proficient machine operator.

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    Make yourself familiarized with the parts of a bobcat machine to become an expert operator. You have to get the knowhow of all the direction controlling levers, pedals to control the bucket and the safety mechanism being installed within the machine. The owner’s manual can be helpful to know the parts of the machine or you can ask an expert operator to help you out in the beginning.

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    Turn on the engine and throttle it to start moving. Make sure you have secured the lap bar carefully, as it is extremely vital for your safety measures.

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    Pressing both the levers in the forward direction will move the machine ahead, whilst pulling them towards yourself will bring the bobcat backwards.

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    If you have to turn left, you have to simultaneously pull down the left lever and move the right lever forward at the same time. For turning right, reverse the order of pulling the levers i.e. push the left one forward and pull the right one simultaneously.

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    The bucket of the bobcat machine will be controlled by the pedals near your feet. One of the pedals will control the up and down movement of the bucket. You have to use the second pedal to scoop up and dump the debris. Pushing the pedal forward will scoop up the debris while pressing the pedal backwards will dump it. You have to carefully use the pedals according to the need of your work.

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    When you have finished your work and want to park the bobcat, make sure the bucket is touching the ground to avoid any undesired accident.

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