Renting an RV in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Renting an RV in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the perfect way to tour this sunshine filled state. RV rentals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida allow you and your family the freedom to travel in style and comfort while you ride through national landmarks, beautiful beaches, and scenic countryside. RV rentals in Florida are a great family value that allows you to travel in you home away from home. Pets are always welcome and you don’t have to pack and unpack at each stop you make. RV rentals are great for family members with disabilities and elderly family members who don’t get around so well anymore. Your RV rental is perfect for taking the family to Daytona Beach, to the Georgia Florida football game, or even scouring for antiques. Be prepare with travel information such as destinations and the number of people traveling when you go to chose your RV rental.

There are two styles of RVs available for rental: cabover style and bus style. Cabover style is considered to be the more user friendly of the two styles. Cabover RVs allow for better handling on the road, are less wind resistant, achieve better gas mileage, and can often accommodate more travelers. With all of these factors in mind it is important that you test drive a number of different RVs so that you can find the one suited to your needs. After you have made your decision, check out one of these great local RV rental companies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

American RV & Marine is located at 225 South West 33rd Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33315. They carry a full line of RVs available for rental and sale. RV rental rates vary throughout the years. Between mid June and Mid August RV rental rates are at their highest. Demand for these luxury rentals makes the price rise. Try renting your RV during off peek months and you can save as much as 70% off the peek season rental rates. Style and amenities will also affect rental rates. For more information on rental rates, available amenities, or directions contact American RV & Marine at (954) 523-2796.

FLT Auto Leasing Corporation is a full service RV rental company locate din Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their pre-planned trips and advise on don’t miss destinations can help ensure your RV vacation is activity filled and successful. FLT Auto Leasing Corporation is located at 312 West State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 3315. For more information on pre-planned trips, rentals rates, and availability contact them directly at (954) 527-1469.

Camp USA South Inc. is a full service RV rental company located a few miles outside of ort Lauderdale, Florida. They carry a wide variety of rental RVs that can accommodate up to nine individuals. Their RV rentals have special amenities such as full sized refrigerators, full sized ovens, microwaves, televisions, DVD players, stow away camping gear, and complete bathrooms with a standing shower. Camp USA South Inc. is located at 2851 Hammondville Road, Pompano Beach, Florida, 33069. For more information on rental rates and special amentias contact them directly at (954) 971-8188.

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