Dealing with Rising Gas Prices

With gas prices rising at an alarming rate again, we, the public are forced to adjust our lives to save money and make up for the difference in gas prices. Here are some ideas you can use.

1. Do all your chores at once using one or two days in the week. Order them so that you are making one round trip instead of driving back and forth.
2. Keep your gas tank full not allowing it go below �½ tank so that you do not have to buy gas without shopping around or on days when the prices spike.
3. Try to have days when you do not drive your car at all. Do this by staying home, or carpooling.
4. Go for a walk around the neighborhood or work in the Garden instead of driving to the gym heading to the mall. This saves on more than just gas.
5. Purchase a warehouse club membership that also sells gas. You will save an average of 15 cents per gallon.
6. Some supermarkets have gas stations attached and give discounts on gas prices based on frequent shopping. If there is one in your area, do your food shopping there so you can fill up cheaper.
7. When grocery shopping, buy everything you need so you do not have to go back.
8. Keep a cooler in the car so you can purchase cold items during your shopping trips and without making special trips home before you finish shopping.
9. When shopping, for anything, consider all the other stores in the plaza for what you need instead of buying other items across town or making return trips.
10. Work from home, Telecommute, or drive go to work during non rush hour periods to save money on gas.
11. Keep your oil changes current and your tires inflated for better gas mileage.
12. Always check the clearance items in any store and stock up on sale items you may need in the future. In the long term, this will save that you can spend on gas.

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