Beware of Car Repair Scams

To most of us our cars are a necessity and when they break down it can be very frustrating. But what’s even more frustrating is when you take your car in for minor repairs or inspection that you can run the risk of being ripped off by unscrupulous mechanics. There are some mechanics that are obvious in their attempts to scam the public but there are other mechanics that have mastered the art of scamming and can easily trick you into paying too much for repairs. Don’t get caught spending more than what you need to on car repairs learn six of the tricky car repair scams some mechanics may try to pull.

Ã?· Oil shortage – This happens when the mechanic pushes the oil dipstick only halfway, making it seem as if your oil is low. The mechanic seems to be adding oil from an empty container. This is more likely to happen with gas stations that have service attendants that fill gas or check oils. The solution is to learn how to check your own oil it is not difficult and takes no more than a few minutes and it can save you money.

Ã?· Alternating the alternator – The mechanic pours a small amount of antifreeze on the alternator and then tells you that you need a new alternator. Instead of putting in a new one the mechanic may install your old one – a double deceit. If you are having alternator problems you will have difficulty starting your car and it will sound as if your car is running on the battery alone, which it is and eventually your battery will die. If your car wasn’t smoking on the way to the gas station then it is not smoking at the gas station. Also, alternator problems build up over time.

Ã?· Loosening those plugs – This is a very popular scam and it happens when the mechanic loosens your spark plugs, which will make your car run sluggish as if it needs a tune-up. You go back to the mechanic and guess what – you need a tune up. One way to prevent these is to check your own spark plugs by making sure they are not loose, it’s not difficult. Also, if your car wasn’t sluggish until you visited the mechanic that is a sign that you may have been the victim of this car repair scam.

Ã?· A leak – A leaking radiator or tire can be done with the quick punch of a screwdriver. Ways to prevent from being a victim of this scam. If a nail is causing a tire leak, you will be able to tell in a couple of days because of the slow leak and the nail found in the tire. Radiators and hoses are usually don’t have punctures magically appearing in them.

Ã?· Exploding batteries – To get you to buy a new battery, a drop of Alka-Seltzer tablets or Epsom Salt on a battery and putting the cap back on can cause your battery to explode. One way to catch this car-repair scam is to ask the mechanic why this problem wasn’t checked during your inspection.

Ã?· Toying with shock absorbers – This can be done when your car is on a lift and the mechanic squirts a few dabs of oil causing damage and you to spend money. While the car is on the lift check it yourself, besides the normal dirt that occurs when driving, the oil should be clean. Make sure you don’t become a victim of this car repair scam it could cost you several hundreds of dollars.

And remember, always get out of your car and look under the hood with the mechanic.

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