How to Remove a Mustang Back Seat

Being a Mustang enthusiast, one is always interested and looking for ways to increase the speed of the hard muscle car. One of the possible ways to do this is to reduce the weight of the car, which in turn can be accomplished by removing the back seat. After you have removed the back seat from your Mustang, you car will be approximately 30 lbs. lighter. Here is what you will need to remove the back seat of your Mustang.

Things Required:

– Screwdriver
– 10mm wrench/socket
– 5/16-inch wrench/socket
– 9 foot by 9 foot carpet (optional)
– Plywood, particle board, fibreglass (optional)


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    There is a white button located under the back-bench seat which needs to be pushed in to pop up the seat so that it can eventually be removed. This button should be located approximately 12-inches in at each side of the bench seat. Once you have located the button, press it with your fingers and the bench seat’s bottom will pop up.

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    You may not be able to remove the bench seat easily in which case you will have to run a Phillips screwdriver back and forth under the edge back. This should loosen the bench seat making it easier for you to remove it. Make sure that you remove the bench seat from the car before moving on to the next step.

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    Now you need to remove the head rests of the rear seat. To accomplish this, pull down the rear seat’s back towards the front seats. You should be able to see three 5/16-inch bolts. Remove these bolts with a 5/16-inch wrench/socket and remove the two headrests from Mustang.

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    Remove the rear seat bracket. This can be accomplished be first removing the two 10mm bolts. One 10mm bolt is located on each side of the rear seat bracket at the top corner. Use a 10mm wrench/socket for this purpose.

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    Another two 10 mm bolts would be located on the bottom corners. Remove these bolts as well and pull out the remainder of the rear seat. If you Mustang is a convertible, three or more push pins will be located at the point where the seat cushion comes on contact with the panel. You will have to remove these push pins before you can pull out the rear seat.

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    Finally, install 9 foot by 9 foot carpet or plywood to finish the task.

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