Wedding Day Emergency Kit

When it comes to weddings, we all know that anything, at any time, can go wrong. For the most part, weddings run smoothly. What you may not know is that things happen the bride isn’t even aware of, and these things are taken care of thanks to the thoughtfulness of her maid or matron of honor. The bride doesn’t even have to know.

On my wedding day, my maid of honor took all of the stress out of the day for me. She did this by putting together a wedding day emergency kit that included things that may be needed at the last minute. I don’t know where she came up with the idea, but I’m sure it’s more common than I realized at the time.

When my dress arrived to the church on the day of my wedding, it came complete with a huge grease stain. The bridesmaid that brought my dress to the church forgot to put the cover over the dress before she put it in her car. I didn’t get mad at her, I knew she was so nervous that she’d mess up that she allowed her worse fear to materialize. She got grease from her car door on my dress.

The news of what happened to my dress didn’t faze me. I’m not sure why, perhaps I was just happy that all the planning was over and I could just get married. Actually, I didn’t even know the stain had happened until it was all taken care of. My aunt thoughtfully scooted home and grabbed her Shout, and came back to take care of the problem. While stain remover was not in the wedding day emergency kit my maid of honor had made, I’m sure she made a mental note to include it in the future if she was ever called upon to be in a wedding again.

You can find a wedding day emergency kit online somewhere, but you may have better luck making one if you find yourself in the maid or matron of honor position any time soon. Pre-made kits are great, but you want to make a wedding day emergency kit that will be useful for your bride. If the wedding is outdoors, you may need to add a few things that might not be needed for an indoor ceremony.

Here are some basic items to include in your wedding day emergency kit:

Stain remover
Straight pins and safety pins
Clear nail polish
Pain reliever
Notepad and pen or pencil
Travel sized deodorant
Travel sized hairspray
Extra nylons
Moist wipes
Breath mints
Black and white thread
Smelling salts (seriously!)
Insect repellant (for outdoor activities)
Lint Roller
Comb, brush or pick
Bobby pins
Nail File
Travel sized Pepto
Eye drops
Granola bars

Final Thoughts

These are just some items you may wish to include in a wedding day emergency kit, and you can think of some on your own that you may think could be needed. These are meant to take care of the little emergencies that might pop up, and if the bride doesn’t have to worry about this, she will have a more relaxing day. It might be one of the best gifts you can give her.

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