Keep Traffic Points off the Driving Record

When it comes to driving, insurance companies have a weird logic. They raise their insurance rates for people whom they deem a traffic risk and basically don’t want to cover anyone cheaply who can make them pay.

But how does that happen?

How do you become a traffic risk?

And how do the insurance companies get the warning?

There cannot be a person in possession of car who hasn’t had an encounter with the traffic police. Knowingly or unknowingly, people tend to make mistakes while driving, and when that happens, it is the duty of the cops to punish the violators.

This punishment is often in the form of traffic tickets, which forces you shell out significant amount of money, or worse; you can have points placed against your name. These points can literally ruin you when it comes to insurance. As soon as these points get on your driving record, these companies waste no time in sending you a letter, notifying about the increase in the insurance rates.

There are however ways to keep these traffic points off the driving record.



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    Deferred Adjudication

    One way is to go to the court and ask the judge to award you a deferred adjudication. This basically means that you are going to pay the fine mentioned in the ticket, and get a probationary period of around six months. If you succeed in avoiding a traffic ticket during this period, the traffic points will not be inserted in your record.


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    Traffic School

    Another effective and a quicker way of handling this situation is to attend a traffic school. After completing a course at traffic school successfully, you can get the citation erased from your record and keep the insurance companies off your back. There are many ways through which you can apply in a traffic school; the users are also provided with option to either study at the school, or from home.

    The procedure for applying to traffic or a defensive driver school is simple and two pronged. In the first step, you need to create an account on the official website of the traffic school, providing correct and accurate personal details like full name, social security number, driver’s license number, telephone, email address etc. If you are applying directly, these details can be provided through a form.

    In the second step, you need to provide all the information regarding your citation. The important things here are the citation number, the state in which you were booked, the court which has been assigned your case etc. This information is required by the traffic school to send your course completion report to the court.

    The traffic course is quite extensive and covers everything related to the rules of the road and driving techniques in the form of various sections. These sections are taught in sequence, but if you are studying at home, you can pick the section of your own choice. At the end of each section, there is a quiz which has to be passed to carry on further.

    After the course has been successfully completed, the traffic school sends a report to the court either electronically or through a mail. The court then docks the points, and the user can save his/her insurance costs.


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