How to Drive Safely on Icy Roads

Any careless action can lead to skidding and sometimes result in a car crash especially on a slippery road in winter. Though a rear wheel drive car is more dangerous in this respect, a similar situation can occur with front wheel drive.

You have to be very careful and attentive on the road especially in winter because the snow freezes at night and forms ice on the roads. This makes it very difficult to drive any sort of vehicle safely. If you want to drive safely on icy roads then follow some simple guidelines.


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    Prepare the car for a trip on ice. Check that the machine is in perfect working condition especially with respect to the wheels so that they do not slide on roads covered with ice.

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    Observe the speed limit. Drive slower than usual to reach your destination and do not try to overtake other cars. Reduce your speed when turning. You will be able to apply the brakes and may avoid a life-threatening accident only if you are moving slowly on a slippery road.

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    Keep your distance from other moving vehicle. The distance between the cars in the ice must be equal to twice the speed. For example, if your speed is 20 km/h, the distance to the next vehicle should be at least 40 meters.

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    Some people get themselves into trouble after pushing hard on the brake pedal due to a slippery icy surface. You need to learn how to slow down your vehicle on ice after observing your speed and taking care of other parameters. Pushing the pedal too hard can lead to a situation where the car starts to skid and lose control. So, always try to push the brake pedal softly while you are driving on ice. It is recommended to either remove your foot from the gas pedal gently or shift to a lower gear to slow down the vehicle.

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    Rotate smoothly, without making any sudden movements and turns. Move slowly and gradually increasing the speed on the turn. It is very important to make a turn from the outer edge of the road to the inside for safety reasons.

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