How to Fly With a Pet in Cabin

It may happen that you may need to fly with a pet on an aeroplane. For this you need to prepare some of the documents and perform certain procedures. At first glance it may seem difficult, but in fact a lot of people travel along with their pets whether it is a domestic or foreign flight.

Air transportation of animals, both domestically and internationally, is arguably difficult for the people who are not aware of the regular procedure and for those who have not taken their pets to another location through a plane before. If you do not want to leave your pet, who has become a member of your family, home alone or in the care of a neighbour, you’ll have to tinker a bit with the paperwork and take the time to clarify the conditions of carriage.

Animal or birds transportation can be done just like the transportation of the luggage. Getting ready to take a flight with a pet, you should take necessary measures to ensure safety and health.


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    Pets can be transported in two ways: in the cabin or in the cargo compartment. You are only allowed to take a cat in the passenger compartment and that also if the weight of the cat is less than 8 kg. However, some companies do not allow the possibility of transportation of animals in the cabin.

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    Prepare all the necessary documents for the pet. Much depends on whether you are making a domestic flight or going abroad. In the first case, you will need a veterinary passport stamped on your pet after you are done with all the necessary vaccinations, as well as a certificate in form number 1 that the pet can be transported.

    Refer to a veterinary clinic, where you will be issued a passport for the pet. However, certificate form number 1 is issued at the airport.

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    If the flight is international, you need an international certificate along with the above mentioned documents. You have to provide a special certificate should you travel with a special breed of animal, which is not listed on the documentations for pet transportation.

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    It is highly recommended to tell the operator that you are travelling with a pet before booking a ticket. Prices can significantly vary based upon which airline you have chosen for travelling. Some airlines charge according to the weight of the animal, while other charge you a fixed rate irrespective of the weight.

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