How to Reset Your Kenwood CD player Code

For the past few years, the car stereo manufacturers have increased the security level in their devices. Most of the companies now manufacture stereo systems that requires security code, if they are removed from the car. In case your car stereo code has gone corrupt, or you have disconnected it by mistake during the maintenance process and do not remember the code, then you will have to reset it in order to use it again.

The process is really simple. However, you will have to follow it very carefully, as a single wrong button will force you to do the steps once again.


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    To reset the code, you will need to have a Kenwood Stereo remote control. If you do not have one, then you will have to buy it from Kenwood’s official store. You can also buy it from a local electronics shop, if they sell remote controls for different electronic devices.

    Most of the times, remote for one stereo works for the other stereo system too, if the brand name is same. Yet, you should try to buy a remote control that is specifically designed for the model that is installed in your car.

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    You will have to start your car, in order to give supply to your stereo system. Press and hold the “>>” and “Auto” buttons at the same time, for four seconds. Now press the “5” key on your remote twice, and you will see the letter “K” being displayed on the stereo screen.

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    Once again, press the “>>” key on your stereo system. Now, you will have to press the “2” key, three times. Right after you press the key for the third time, the letter “C” will be displayed on the front screen of your stereo. To proceed further, you will have to press the “>>” key on your stereo.

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    Once again, press the “2” key, just once.  You will now see letter “A” appearing on the screen. Now push the “>>” key, in order to proceed to the next step.

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    Now press the “7” key twice using your remote control. You will now see letter “R” appearing on your stereo screen. Push the “>>” button, followed by "SRC" button on your remote to finish resetting the code.  You can now play the CDs on your stereo system.

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