How to Tow a Broken Snowmobile

Snowmobiles or snowmachines are basically motorized versions of sleds, which are generally pulled by animals. They are snow vehicles and can work on ice as well, and are exceedingly useful when it comes to regions like Canada and Alaska, where traditional means of travel have to give way due to the prevalence of huge amounts of snow. Most snowmobiles these days can seat up to two people and are like motorbikes, with only a windshield to protect the rider from ice and snow. While they are extremely convenient, snowmobiles can be very hard to tow if they breakdown, since they don’t have any wheels and can’t be pushed across the terrain. Keep reading this article to learn how to deal with your snowmobile if it breaks down and you have no other option but to tow it.


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    A lot of people go out in groups, and if you were riding with another snowmobile, you can easily have it tow yours back to the workshop for repairs.

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    Before you use another snowmobile to tow your broken one, you need to remove the drive belt from your snowmobile. Moreover, if possible, you should use a proper tow rod or bar instead of pulling the broken snowmobile with a rope or a chain. This is to minimize risk of damage to both machines and injuries to the riders.

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    Ideally, there should not be a lot of load on the machine which is going to be towing the broken one. If the workshop is not too far, a person can stay back while one rider takes the broken machine to the workshop and returns for the other later on.

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    It is recommended that the broken snowmobile has one rider on it to steer it and apply the brakes to manage speed. This is very important when you are towing the machine using a rope or a chain.

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    The rider on the working snowmobile needs to go really slow and steadily and if possible, put up flags and reflectors to be visible and obvious to others. This is important to prevent any accidents or mishaps in case visibility is low due to snow fall or wind.

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    If you are going to be crossing a road, be very careful, because you are not going to be moving very fast. It is recommended that one rider gets off and walks across the road to help the other get across.

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