How to Clean Gravy Stains

Gravy is great in taste but if you accidentally drop it on your clothes or the tablecloth, it forms an interesting stain which is very difficult to remove. It has happened to all of us before, sitting at dinner and finding yourself spilling gravy on your clothes. It can be quite embarrassing especially if you are out and the stain is noticeable. Before you think of throwing your clothes or tablecloth in the bin, there are some easy to do methods that can help.

Things Required:

– Glycerine
– Warm water
– Biological detergent
– If needed: hydrogen peroxide, approximately 20 vol.
– Washing machine


  • 1

    Hold stain under running water

    First of all you need to hold the fabric item which is stained by gravy under running water. The water should be mildly warm, in other words,  not too hot or too cold.

    Hold your stained clothes or tablecloth under the running water until the water runs clear and the stain is no longer visible. Remember to be patient as this can take a few minutes.

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    Mix Glycerine and Warm Water

    After holding the stain under running water, create a mixture of glycerine and warm water. Use a 50-50 ratio to make the mixture i.e. use half water and half glycerine.

    Rub the mixture into the stain after you have prepared it. Then leave it for almost 15 minutes to half an hour. Rinse it out afterwards. If the stain is stubborn or has been on your clothes for a couple of days then it is best to leave your clothes to soak for more than half an hour.

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    Soak in Biological Detergent

    Soak your stained clothes or tablecloth in a biological detergent. This detergent is used in washing clothes that contain enzymes. You will find a wide variety of different biological detergents that are readily available at any convenient store. Make sure you read the instructions on the label before using this type of detergent.

  • 4


    Wash your gravy stained clothes or tablecloth as you would normally wash your other clothes. You can wash your fabric, clothes or tablecloth in a washing machine or you can put them in a tub filled with water and then wash. It is entirely up to how you want to wash your clothes.

  • 5

    Hang your fabric

    After washing your stained clothes, hang them to dry. Hang them on a rope or a stand like you usually do. Remember if you still see some part of the gravy stain on your clothes after washing them then it might be a good idea to repeat the steps given above.

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